Why Serica?

A unique range of competitive advantages.


Get where you need to go faster with the ‘Serica Launchpad’ – an extensive network of MNCs, unicorns, startups, SOEs, universities, and government organizations across China.

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Our corporate structure and policies are designed to ensure we are (and will always remain) fully independent, market neutral, and  trade compliant at all times. Serica is:

  • PRIVATELY-OWNED: Serica is a privately-owned company headquartered in Singapore.
  • FULLY INDEPENDENT: We are not (nor will we ever be) contractually bound to any government, economic zones, or innovation center anywhere in the world.
  • MARKET NEUTRAL: We do not work on projects that fund, transfer, or develop any ‘clear and direct’ dual-use technology and actively avoid overtly politicized industries.
  • TRADE COMPLIANT: We proactively coordinate with different government departments such as the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, US International Trade Administration, and the UK Department for Business & Trade in advance of any transaction.
  • COMMERCIAL IMPACT: Unburdened by the external pressures that hamstring many others in our industry, we operate without constraints and distractions, focusing all of our expertise and resources towards achieving your commercial goals.


Our Chinese subsidiary ‘Serica China’ (杭州赛瑞凯企业服务有限公司) is a joint venture formed between Serica and Hakim Unique Group 汉鼎宇佑集团 (a Chinese MNC with a market cap of $32B) in March 2021 – with both its Founder & Chair Jack Wang and CEO Henry Huang joining as directors. Combining our cross-border transaction and innovation capabilities with their extensive domestic infrastructure and global investment platform means we are able to significantly improve the success rate, transaction value, speed, and efficiency of all work we undertake in China.


Tight-knit unit of experienced local and international experts that challenge the status quo, spark change, and deliver value throughout the lifecycle of your project.Why Serica | Full-Cycle Value Creation | Empowering Innovators


Serica’s ecosystem of strategic partners can provide a range of top-class services and support to solve your technical, legal, recruitment, accounting, and administrative needs. 

Ecosystem of Support


Our fee structures go far beyond the traditional consulting firms by incorporating industry-leading transparency and flexibility to create models of engagement that you can tailor to your needs. You can find all of our fee structures along with engagement steps and an FAQ for each respective solution by clicking the link at the bottom of each service page.

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