Financial Advisory

High impact cross-border inorganic growth and capital raising solutions.

Serica Financial Advisory Solution | Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions

Source and close transactions with top-tier companies across China.

Serica Financial Advisory Solutions | Joint Ventures and Alliances
Joint Ventures & Alliances

Forge long-term strategic partnerships to seize new market opportunities.

Serica Financial Advisory Solutions | Venture Capital-as-a-Service
Venture Capital as a Service

Access the latest technology and innovations by investing in disruptive startups.

Serica Financial Advisory Solutions | Capital Raising
Capital Raising

Raise the capital you need to scale rapidly and achieve your global ambitions.

Investment Consulting

Serica provides short-term engagements to augment the way you structure, manage and govern your business.

Serica Financial Advisory Solutions - Invesment Consulting - Corporate Structuring
Corporate Structuring

Develop a tax-efficient structure to enable capital outflow and smooth global operations. 

Serica Financial Advisory Solutions | Invesment Consulting | Treasury Management System
Treasury Management

Manage your finances and cash flow more effectively with a robust treasury management system.

Serica Financial Advisory Solutions | Invesment Consulting | Deck Hack
Deck Hack

Review your approach, assess your product-market fit, and advise you on funding options.