Technology Licensing

A safe and sustainable way to commercialize your intellectual property.

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Commercialize your IP

The demand for unmet solutions to China’s biggest problems has created enormous commercial opportunities for licensee and licensors alike. But an opaque and complex regulatory environment, a copycat culture, and alien business culture cause many new entrants to fail in sourcing and negotiating the right licensing agreements. The result? IP infringement, damaging concessions, or less than expected returns. 

Our technology licensing solution provides you with a safe and sustainable way to commercialize your IP in the Chinese market. Our unique market position, cross-border transaction experience, and diligent approach to the market enable us to go beyond conventional methodology and deliver tangible results. 

Our Approach

Plan | Technology Licensing | Serica

Define your goals, establish prospect criteria, outline the scope of the deal, and develop a strategy to deliver.

Source | Technology Licensing | Serica

Source prospects and conduct assessments on their ability to meet their legal and financial commitments.

Engage | Technology Licensing | Serica

Carefully negotiate and close licensing agreements that provide you with high sustained revenue. 

The Serica Advantage

  • Direct access to the ‘Serica Launchpad’ – an extensive network of MNCs, SOEs, investment firms, universities, and startups;
  • Local knowledge of the commercial landscape – we know what it takes to safely and effectively commercialize your IP in China;
  • Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market;
  • Ecosystem partners including leading global law firms and risk management specialists to enable you to further insulate yourself from risk;
  • Intelligent strategies that bring together diligent research, industry expertise, and local knowledge to map out the best route to achieve your IP commercialization goals;
  • Seasoned negotiators who can secure lucrative commercial contracts and licensing agreements on your behalf;
  • Ad hoc sales support to help make your ongoing business development activities successful; and
  • Transparent fees that enable you to plan your budget and resources effectively.