Deal Flow & Matchmaking

Discover and engage with local innovators.

Serica - Market Establishment
The new normal

China’s ability to embrace, commercialize and scale new innovations across its vast market has created a thriving technology sector that is transforming our world. Companies are left with a choice: engage with and profit from this whole new world of innovation, or be overtaken by it.

Serica’s Deal Flow & Matchmaking solution provides you with a regular pre-screened and de-risked pipeline of qualified startups for investment, acquisition, or partnership. From matching you with innovators to providing negotiation and integration support, we create tangible value throughout the process so you can achieve your innovation goals with confidence.

Our Approach

Serica Mergers & Acquisitions | Prospect

Deliver a consistent pre-screened & de-risked pipeline of qualified startups.

Serica Market Access - Government Engagement

Negotiate favorable valuations, term sheets, corporate structures, and other key deal mechanics.

Serica Market Access - Expedite Approval

Provide continual monitoring, corporate governance, and ad hoc commercial support.

The Serica Advantage

  • Direct Access to China’s most exciting and disruptive startups;
  • Local knowledge of the innovation landscape – we know what it takes to identify and effectively engage with the innovators you need to realize your global ambitions;
  • Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market;
  • Intelligent strategies that bring together diligent research, industry expertise, and local knowledge to map out the best route to achieve your goals;
  • Seasoned negotiators are by your side, taking point in securing you favorable valuations, term sheets, corporate governance, and other key deal mechanics;
  • Ad hoc transaction support to help make your ongoing transactions and existing ventures successful; and
  • Transparent fees that enable you to plan your budget and resources effectively.