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Develop your China literacy

Need your company to understand the Chinese market and business culture? Are you a China-based rep that cannot get the resources they need because HQ lacks knowledge of the market? Want to develop your team’s competencies? Serica can help!

Our Approach

Understand | Training | Serica

Understand your knowledge of the market and uncover the gaps that need filling.

Plan | Training | Serica

Agree on a curriculum and training schedule for you and your team.

Deliver | Training | Serica

Deliver our training, collecting feedback and adapting the sessions where needed.


Tailored executive briefings designed for your C-suite to gain a macro view of the opportunities, risks, and challenges of doing business in China. Our market briefings typically cover:

- Economic overview
- Geopolitical overview
- Sector overview
- Regulatory overview
- Key opportunities
- Key challenges
- Key risks
- Key competitors
- Localization considerations
- Common modes of entry

- Q&A

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half day


Seminars for 20-50 people that provides an overview of the Chinese market, innovation landscape, and business culture. Our half day seminars typically cover:

- Economic environment
- Regulatory environment
- Chinese business culture 101
- Chinese consumer behaviour 101
- Sector snapshot
- Key innovations
- Key local players
- Key challenges
- Key risks
- Foreign entrant successes
- Foreign entrant failures
- Principles for success

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per person


Training workshops for up to 15 people that are focused on a predefined goal, skill development, and/or specific area of interest. Our full or multi-day workshops can cover:

- Cross-cultural communication
- Intercultural communication
- Chinese business culture
- Western business culture
- Management practices
- Approach to innovation
- Sales & negotiation
- Client management
- Partner management
- Supplier managment
- Government relations
- Conflict resolution
- Internal communication
- Collateral development
- Sector deep dive
- Team building
- Role play
- Q&A

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