About Serica

We are a global technology and financial advisory firm that empowers innovators to leverage the size and agility of the Chinese market to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

The world needs innovators

Our interconnected world is facing existential challenges that can only be met head-on with cutting-edge science and technology. We work with innovators on the frontlines of bringing these universal needs to the world.

The World Needs Innovations | About Serica.

Innovators need scale

An exciting solution and mission, outstanding talent, and access to capital provide companies with the foundations they need to succeed. But the vast majority lack the right place to effectively scale, commercialize, and evolve their solutions. The result? Solutions that don’t achieve their potential and companies failing to create the impact they envisioned.

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China’s global innovation advantage

Its meteoric economic rise has come at a great cost (especially to the environment) and in turn, has created a barrage of complex challenges to overcome. This has birthed a dynamic technology sector that adopts, commercializes, and evolves new innovations at an unrivaled scale and pace.

Chinese Innovation Advantage

The gateway to emerging markets

Developing countries are industrializing at break next speed, compounding our planet’s existential challenges. Innovations directly from (or heavily inspired by) China are leading the battle for sustainable economic development. 

Gateway to Emerging Markets | About Serica

The next decade in China will shape the pace and sustainability of global industrialization and modernization. Serica is bridging the gap, one innovation at a time.

Delivering impact

We work with cutting-edge innovators, established multinationals, and ambitious investment firms to deliver impact. Have an innovation you want the world to benefit from? We would love to hear from you.

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Core Values

We are:

About Serica | Core Values | Transparent

We bring much-needed transparency to our industry and market by being open, honest, and direct in everything we do.

About Serica | Core Values | Collaborative

We break down barriers and champion a shared vision, fueling the free flow of ideas to drive business forward together.

About Serica | Core Values | Result Focused
Results Driven

We work with speed and precision to overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results. 

Benjamin Speyer, Wang Qicheng and Henry Huang
High-Impact Joint Venture

Our Chinese subsidiary ‘Serica China’ (杭州赛瑞凯企业服务有限公司) is a joint venture formed between Serica and Hakim Unique Group (a Chinese MNC with a market cap of $32B) in March 2021. Combining our cross-border transaction and innovation capabilities with their extensive domestic infrastructure and global investment platform means we are able to significantly improve the success rate, transaction value, speed, and efficiency of all work we undertake in China.

About Serica
Industry-Leading Compliance

Serica is a privately-owned company headquartered in Singapore. Our corporate structure and policies along with our careful selection of partnerships throughout our history are designed to ensure Serica is (and will always remain) fully independent, market neutral, and trade compliant at all times.

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Globally Recognized

We are globally recognized experts in cross-border innovation, investment, and trade, featuring regularly for some of the world’s largest media agencies.