About Serica

Empowering innovators to transcend borders.

Serica is a global technology and financial advisory consultancy that enables growth-stage startups and publicly listed companies to expand into (or out of) the Chinese market.

Whether seeking market expansion, healthy investment returns, or access to the latest innovations, the Chinese market presents a whole new world of opportunity. But translating ambition to success in China is no easy feat – the market is vast and fragmented, its political and legal environment opaque, and its business culture alien to the uninitiated. This leads to ambitious visions and positive starts getting buried under mounting daily misunderstandings, misaligned interests, and poorly structured deals that ultimately result in ventures failing to deliver. With extensive cross-border innovation, investment, and trade experience, we know what it takes to succeed in this highly lucrative and challenging market.

Established in 2016 in Hangzhou – the Silicon Valley of Asia – Serica delivers high-impact market entry, market representation, and financial advisory solutions to innovators across the world. With an extensive global network, a team of over thirty consultants across four regions (China, the United States, Britain, and Brazil), and a battle-tested formula for success, we arm our clients to enter, grow, and compete in the Chinese market.

From growth-stage startups ready to take the next step to established multinationals looking to shake up the market, we love to work with bold innovators with unique technology, disruptive business models, and a compelling vision for the future.

Core Values

We are:

About Serica | Core Values | Transparent

We bring much-needed transparency to our industry and market by being open, honest, and direct in everything we do.

About Serica | Core Values | Collaborative

We break down barriers and champion a shared vision, fueling the free flow of ideas to drive business forward together.

About Serica | Core Values | Result Focused
Results Driven

We work with speed and precision to overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results. 

Serica | In the press
Recognized Experts

We are globally recognized experts in cross-border innovation, investment, and trade, featuring regularly for some of the world’s largest media agencies.

About Serica
Global Reach

Serica is a global consultancy headquartered in Singapore with subsidiaries in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. In March 2021, our Chinese subsidiary Serica 赛瑞凯 (中国) formed an ambitious joint venture with Chinese conglomerate Hakim Unique Group 汉鼎宇佑集团 to accelerate our growth and deliver better (and faster) results to our clients around the world. 

Serica is a part of the Serica Group, a global group of technology-focused companies covering consulting (Serica), software (Serica Labs), and venture capital (Serica Ventures).

Serica is a fully independent, privately-owned company headquartered in Singapore. Our corporate structure and the careful selection of partnerships throughout our history means that neither Serica nor any of its subsidiaries are contractually bound to any government (national or regional), economic zones, industrial parks, research institutes, or innovation centers anywhere in the world. We do not work on projects that fund or disperse ‘clear and direct’ dual-use technology and actively avoid overtly politicized industries which ensures we do not disproportionately tip the scales in favor of one market at the expense of another while sidestepping any disruptive political entanglements.