Transaction Support

Practical ad hoc support for your ongoing transactions and existing ventures.

Practical ad-hoc support

In the middle of an ongoing transaction and need support? Recently completed an acquisition, joint venture, or strategic investment and are struggling with the integration process? Have an ongoing venture that needs additional support to reach its objectives? Serica can help. Our ad hoc solutions include:


Engagement strategies, playbooks, and coaching to engage your prospects effectively.


Tailored Chinese pitch decks, white papers, and other essential collateral built around your needs.


Practical support to structure and close out your investment, acquisition, or divestment.


Organizational structures and training curriculums to facilitate smooth post-deal integration.

Conflict Resolution

Expert mediation and training to help you resolve any tensions or conflicts you have encountered.

Our Approach

Understand | Transaction Support | Serica

Understand your technology, business model, and goals for the market.

Plan | Transaction Support | Serica

Define targets, assign consultants, and develop an actionable game plan.

Deliver | Transaction Support | Serica

Execute our game plan and deliver you the results you need to succeed.

Fee Structure

A simple retainer-based model to utilize our expertise and resources from anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.



Senior Partner $600
Partner $500
Associate Partner $350
Engagement Manager $225
Analyst $175

All prices are in USD and exclusive of sales tax.
Serica DOES NOT, under any circumstances, work on a sweat equity or commission only basis.

Engagement Steps

  1. Receive an initial consultation for free (billed hourly thereafter) to discuss your needs and goals.
  2. Sign a ‘Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement’ to protect everyone’s interests. For mutual convenience and security, we send the agreement electronically (via Docusign) for e-signature.
  3. Receive profiles of the consultants we will assign to you along with a basic time estimate in a simple digital proposal that you can sign and pay online with ease.
  4. Engagement begins, and fees are deducted from the retainer at the rates stipulated above. If the volume of work is below the original estimate, you will be reimbursed the difference. If it exceeds the expected volume, you will be notified in advance to replenish the retainer.
  5. Upon completion, you can repeat the process or switch to a long-term engagement.


1. What is the minimum amount to retain Serica’s services?
The minimum amount to retain Serica is $15,000.

2. Does your fees include expenses?
No, any project-related expenses will be borne by you. Our contracts typically state that all expenses must be pre-approved and itemized receipts must be provided before any reimbursements of expenses can be made.

3. Are there any third-party fees we will incur?
Maybe, it depends on the project scope. Common third-party fees include software, legal, and administrative fees that you will incur. Where such third-party fees occur, Serica will endeavor through its network of strategic partners, to keep these costs to a minimum.

4. What currencies do you accept?
We accept USD, GBP, EUR, and RMB.

5. What jurisdictions apply to Serica contracts?
Our default jurisdiction is Singapore due to its advanced legal system and efficient (and cost-effective) dispute resolution. We can also accept other well-regarded Common Law jurisdictions such as England and the United States as alternative jurisdictions.

6. Why do you exclusively use digital contracts, proposals, and invoices?
The ability to receive, sign and pay electronically provides both of us with enhanced security and greater convenience. Learn more.

7. How do you track and report project progress?
We provide you with direct access to our communication hub (Microsoft Teams) and project management software ( that enables you to track and review our progress in real-time.

8. What else do you need from us?
Serica takes a highly collaborative approach to every project we undertake. Throughout the project, we expect and need you to dedicate the time, focus, and resources towards achieving the goals we set together.

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