Our Team

Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Benjamin Speyer, CEO, Serica
Benjamin Speyer (Chair)

Benjamin is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience delivering organic and inorganic growth for technology companies in unfamiliar markets. An expert in cross-border transactions, strategic partnerships, and business development, he provides commercial support and resources to the members of the Serica Global Network. Outside of Serica, he serves as an Advisory Board Member at the UK National Committee on China and a Northern Powerhouse International Champion for the UK Department for Business & Trade.

Sarunas Nastys, COO, Serica
Sarunas Nastys (Vice Chair)

The technical and strategic lead of Serica, Sarunas has nearly a decade of strategy development, operations, and mediation experience (including a successful exit from a startup he co-founded), helping innovators to understand if and how they can be successful in the Chinese market. Armed with unique frameworks and methodologies for interpreting the Chinese market informed by graduate-level work at Zhejiang University, he supports the knowledge-sharing and communication between members of the Serica Global Network. 

Duke Wang, Managing Partner, Serica
Duke Wang (Managing Director)

In addition to managing our Chinese subsidiary Serica China, Duke is our lead mediator and financial analyst, playing a pivotal role in overseeing all significant commercial engagements in China, particularly complex acquisitions, divestitures, and capital investments. With over 15 years of finance experience, he has held senior positions at Henfeng Holdings and Hanhe Investment Group. Outside of Serica, he is an enthusiastic angel investor who focuses on millennial-founded startups, and is a mentor at 90门, an organization founded by influential business author Wu Xiao Bo.

Jack Wang, Director, Serica
Qicheng Wang (Director)

Founder & Chairman of Hakim Unique Group (a Chinese conglomerate with a market cap of $32B) and Director at Serica, Jack is the first self-made billionaire of the millennial generation in China and helps provide access to China’s leading technology companies for our global client base. Known for being an early investor in groundbreaking tech firms such as JD Digits, Tencent Music, Aurora Data, Strait Innovation, Fisker, Singlera Genomics, and Excelera Healthcare, he has garnered numerous awards and recognition for his influential role in software and smart city development across China. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of Hangzhou Listed Company’s Alliance and a Director at the Zhejiang Software Association.

Henry Huang, Director, Serica
Henry Huang (Director)

CEO of Hakim Unique Group and Director at Serica, Henry is a seasoned finance and investment professional with extensive experience in the healthcare and technology industries. With a strong focus on investing, scaling, and expanding technology companies in the USA and China, he brings valuable expertise to the table and allocates the group’s global resources to spur our client’s growth in the market. Prior to his current role, he served as the Commissioner for Information Systems at the LA County Department and worked as a Manager at the United States Mint. Henry is also widely recognized as a prominent keynote speaker and thought leader in cross-border investment.

Advisory Board

Kevin Collins, Serica Advisory Board
Kevin Collins

MD, Software & Platforms
Accenture (N. America)

Ellen Wu, Serica Advisory Board
Ellen Wu

Manulife (China)

Andrew Cainey, Serica Advisory Board
Andrew Cainey

Senior Associate Fellow,
Royal United Services Institute

Dr Weiqi Yan, Serica Advisory Board
Dr Weiqi Yan

Head of Oncology at ZJU &
Dean of BioMed Innovation Institute 

Simon Lance, Serica Advisory Board
Simon Lance

SVP & Head of Recruitment,
Adecco (APAC)

Walker Wallace, Serica Advisory Board
Walker Wallace

O’Melveny Myers (China)