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1. Can you conduct due diligence on Chinese individuals?
No, not under any circumstances. It is illegal to conduct due diligence on individuals in the People’s Republic of China. Serica only provides corporate due diligence in accordance with local laws and regulations.

2. How long does a report take to deliver?
Standard Report = 3-5 business days. Enhanced Report = 5-10 business days.

3. Is an express service available?
Yes, subject to availability and additional fees.

4. What sources of data and information do you use to compile reports?
Review government registers, company collateral, and other publicly available sources of information.

5. What language are your reports provided in?
All our reports are delivered in English. If you require a report in Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, or German will cost an additional $350.

6. Can you deliver investigation or forensic services?
No, we only provide foundational due diligence services. If you require services of this depth and complexity we would recommend you contact Control Risks who specialize in this type of work.