Market Entry 101

Day Three Recap | Sino-UK Healthcare Summit 2023

Succeeding in China: Modes of Entry

Benjamin Speyer, CEO of Serica – filling in for our Head of China, Duke Wang – examines and compares different modes of entry (greenfield, tech licensing, M&A, and joint ventures), and discusses best practice on how to effectively close deals in the Chinese market.

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Practical Legalities in the Chinese Market

Richard Barham, Corporate Partner at Dentons, provides a practical look at the legalities around funding and operating a venture in China, including useful tips on company structuring, managing contracts, working with partners, and more.

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Regulatory Pathways for Healthcare Products in China

Hamish King, CEO of Cisema, provides a comprehensive overview of how to achieve regulatory approval in mainland China, including details on the process and costs associated with bringing new healthcare products into the market.

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Financing Considerations for Startups In China


Alex Phillips, China Corridor Director at Santander, and Elaine Feng, Product Manager International Desk at Bank of Shanghai, team up to shed light on how they help facilitate financing and support growth for SMEs and startups seeking to expand into the Chinese market.

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Panel Discussion: What are local investors and buyers looking for?

Join moderator Dr. Ruby Wang (Digital Health Council, Royal Society of Medicine) and a panel of investors and buyers from the Chinese healthcare space – Oscar Ramos (Managing Director, SOSV & Orbit Startups), Henry Huang (CEO, Hakim Unique Group), and Archie Preston (Overseas Strategy & Investment Director, Yuwell) – as they share their insights on how foreign entrants can achieve commercial success, and what attracts excitement in the space.

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