Empowering innovators to leverage the agility and scale of the Chinese market to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

A one of a kind company

About Serica
  • Empowering innovators

    Serica is a global technology and financial advisory firm on a mission to leverage the size and agility of the Chinese market to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. We provide high-impact financial advisory (such as M&A and joint ventures) and market representation (such as business development and technology licensing) to purpose-driven scaleups and MNCs seeking to expand into (or out of) China.


    Serica 赛瑞凯是一家全球性的技术和金融咨询公司,致力于利用中国的市场规模和创新优势来解决世界上最紧迫的挑战。

  • Defined by our values

    The space we operate in is typically characterized by closed-off silos of information and opaque business practices – we are doing things differently. From hyper transparent communication and engagement models to our highly collaborative and results-focused approach, we cut through the noise to seize opportunities and deliver sustained growth.

    Serica 赛瑞凯商业价值观

    在全球商业历史中,许多企业通过信息不对称和暗箱操作渔利,短期内看有时也能偷跑成功,但赛瑞凯期望更符合商业道德的成功,成为聚焦长期利益的与众不同的商业组织。 我们倡导高度透明的沟通和参与模式,主张高度协作与结果导向,通过输出专业性来剔除干扰,抓住机遇,从而与合作伙伴共同实现持续稳定的增长。

  • Cross-cultural to our core

    Entering new, unfamiliar markets is no easy feat. Companies have to adopt a highly localized approach that reflects the unique conditions of the target market. Our innovative cross-cultural methodology blends local expertise, international nous, and a global perspective to develop winning market solutions.

    Serica 赛瑞凯的核心是跨文化营销

    入乡须随俗,商业也不例外。特定的市场有特定的文化,文化不一样,市场特征也就完全不同,海外营销绝非易事。产品和技术都大大领先的企业在陌生市场大败而归的例子,比比皆是。Serica 赛瑞凯从跨文化沟通角度来理解全球化时代的商业,以创新的跨文化方法为核,完美融合本土化专业知识、国际常识和全球视角,搭建面向成功的海外市场解决方案。

Our Solutions

Serica Financial Advisory Solutions | Serica | Technology & Innovation
Financial Advisory

High impact cross-border inorganic growth and deal flow solutions.

– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Joint Ventures & Alliances
– Venture Capital as a Service
– Transaction Support

Market Representation

Local experts to win business, forge partnerships, and scale your operations nationwide.

– Innovation Sourcing
– Technology Licensing
– Market Establishment
– Sales Support

Serica Transforming the way you do business in China - Market Entry
Market Entry

Insights, strategies, and training to enter the market with confidence.

– Research
– Strategy
– Training
– China 360℠

The Serica Advantage

Serica | Empowering Innovators | Extensive Network

Direct access to the Serica Launchpad, an extensive network of MNCs, PLCs, SOEs, unicorns, investment firms, and startups.

Serica | Empowering Innovators | Global Perspective

Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market.

Serica | Empowering Innovators | Local Expertise | Tech Literate

We take pride in understanding your solutions, assessing their potential, and empowering you to adapt them to China.

Serica | Empowering Innovators | Fully Independant

Policies and structures ensure we are (and will always remain) fully independent, market neutral, and trade compliant. 

Serica | Empowering Innovators | Flexible Engagement

Transparent and flexible fee structures to suit your size, scope, and goals, enabling you to plan your resources effectively.