Economic Development

Increase foreign direct investment (FDI) into your region, city, or ecosystem.

Serica Economic Development Solution
The engine for global growth

China has cemented itself as a global force in foreign direct investment, poised to overtake the USA within the next five years; outbound FDI from the Asian giant was over $132 billion in 2020. With numerous regions and economic zones clamoring over these new sources of investment, standing out from the crowd requires a systematic and localized approach.

Serica’s Economic Development solution ushers you along with our clear and proven path for attracting Chinese FDI to your region. We tailor our strategy and approach to your region’s needs, goals, and capabilities, ensuring that you remain in control throughout.

Our Approach

Serica Economic Development | Plan

Define goals, identify selling points, develop the strategy and thoroughly prepare your team.

Serica Economic Development | Promote

Craft marketing materials, organize promotional activities and gain local support.

Serica Economic Development | Engage

Together or on your behalf, engage with investors to secure tangible outcomes for your region.

The Serica Advantage

  • Direct access to some of China’s leading companies, investors, organizations, and regional governments;
  • Local knowledge of the investment landscape – we know what it takes to localize your value proposition and investment strategy to the Chinese market;
  • Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market;
  • Intelligent strategies that bring together diligent research, industry expertise, and local knowledge to map out the best route to achieve your FDI goals;
  • Expert mediators with specialist cultural knowledge and diplomacy experience help facilitate smooth engagements,  ensuring the trust and confidence levels of all parties remain high throughout;
  • Added-value services such as localization, interpreter sourcing, and event support ensure every element of your investment promotion mission runs smoothly; and
  • Flexible models of engagement to suit your company size, scope, and investment goals enabling you to plan your budget and resources more effectively.